WebStorm configuration for Standard Style

Native support for standard

WebStorm recently announced native support for standard directly in the IDE!

This applies to all JetBrains products, including PhpStorm, IntelliJ, RubyMine, etc.

If you still prefer to configure standard manually, use the following guide.

Configure standard support manually

  1. Close your IDE.

  2. Figure out where your configuration lives (IDE Settings section)

  3. Navigate to your-config-dir/codestyles. If this directory doesn't exist, create it in the WebStorm config settings directory

  4. Create a Standard.xml file:

      <code_scheme name="Standard">
          <option name="USE_SEMICOLON_AFTER_STATEMENT" value="false" />
          <option name="USE_DOUBLE_QUOTES" value="false" />
          <option name="SPACES_WITHIN_IMPORTS" value="true" />
        <codeStyleSettings language="JavaScript">
          <option name="KEEP_BLANK_LINES_IN_CODE" value="1" />
          <option name="SPACE_BEFORE_METHOD_PARENTHESES" value="true" />
          <option name="KEEP_SIMPLE_BLOCKS_IN_ONE_LINE" value="true" />
          <option name="KEEP_SIMPLE_METHODS_IN_ONE_LINE" value="true" />
            <option name="INDENT_SIZE" value="2" />
            <option name="CONTINUATION_INDENT_SIZE" value="2" />
            <option name="TAB_SIZE" value="2" />
  5. You may install dependencies and config globally or locally and with support of ES7 or without it

  1. Start up the IDE and open a Settings/Preferences screen (choose between project and default settings accordingly to your preference)
  2. Under Editor > Code Style > JavaScript change Scheme to Standard
  3. Under Editor > Code Style > HTML just select Other, in Spaces setting, check In empty tag
  4. Under Editor > Inspections > JavaScript > Code style issues untick Unterminated statement
  5. Under Languages & Frameworks > JavaScript > Code Quality Tools > ESLint just select Enable. If you didn't install ESLint before and you don't have it in your dependencies - that's all. If you do - be sure to use ESLint package of the same version as current version of standard is using. Or just remove your old one - you probably won't need it anymore